Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire is the most popular form of vehicle leasing and is basically a long-term agreement to rent a car or van over a fixed period and with a set mileage limit. The contract term is usually between two and five years and mileage limits can be set to suit the needs of your business.

The vehicle remains the property of the leasing company throughout the agreement and does not appear on your organisation’s balance sheet. At the end of the contract you simply hand the vehicle back and, as long as mileage and condition terms are met, you’ll have nothing more to pay

For true fixed cost motoring, and ease of budgeting, you have the option to add maintenance to the contract. This means that all routine servicing, including damaged or worn tyre replacement, are included in your monthly rental amount.

Things to consider

  • Free up capital to invest in your business
  • No vehicle depreciation risks
  • Choose contract terms to suit your needs
  • Option to include servicing and maintenance means no unexpected bills

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