Whatever objectives you have for your fleet, be it reducing overall costs, minimising accident rates, reducing your environmental impact or any combination of these, it’s essential to have up to date and valid information on which to make decisions.

Our reliable, user-friendly systems use both real-time and historical data, combined with cutting-edge mapping technology to deliver a wide range of data and reporting options.

This allows you to better utilise the fleet resources at your disposal and understand and manage driver behaviour. This can then help to improve the level of service provided to your customers as well as increasing the overall cost-efficiency of your fleet.

From a policy enforcement perspective you’re able track vehicle movements over any period of time, as well as locating a car or van right down to house number level. Decision-makers can be informed by email, SMS or pop-ups of unauthorised usage, speeding or other activities which fall outside of the guidelines giving even greater control.

To find out more about how our telematics solutions can give you greater control of your fleet and increase driver efficiency, just get in touch.

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