Whole Life Costs

It’s easy to be drawn in by tempting headline rental values when shopping around for a new fleet vehicle. Often these are based on usage and term assumptions that simply don’t fit with the needs of many fleet operators.

You need to look beyond the rental value to get a true indication of what a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, is likely to cost over its lifetime. Things to consider are insurance costs, fuel efficiency, likely maintenance and tyre expenses as well as accounting impacts such as VAT reclamation and NIC contributions.

Clearly this isn’t a simple task and that’s why we have developed a suite of analysis tools that will give you a true picture of the costs of your fleet, right down to individual vehicle level. This means better policy design, smarter vehicle selection and more appropriate funding decisions.

To find out more about how understanding whole life costs could help you save money and improve vehicle choice, just get in touch.

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